At Airbag Service Ltd, we can reset SRS modules &repair seat belts! We are highly-trained automotive experts who can provide on-the-spot repairs and replacements. Often, our competitors can provide parts, but we offer a full service from purchase through to fitting.

Do you have a locked seat belt after an accident?

Is your airbag light on?

This could be a faulty seat belt tensioner, with an open circuit SRS code? (resistance set too high or resistance set too low)

The seat belts are equipped with a gas charge. When this deploys, it locks the seat belt and pulls the occupant back against the seat, thus reducing the impact with the airbag, which rapidly inflates.

If your vehicle has been in an accident and your seat belts are now locked, we can help! We provide professional repair and reset services for all of your seat belt needs.

If you are having trouble getting your car back on the road, get in touch. We will talk you through the process to identify exactly what parts you need.We will help you to get back on the road, safely and economically.

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