Once your part has been successfully ordered you may choose to take advantage of our airbag fitting service- Our engineers have over 15 years’ experience in the airbag fitting service industry, which will offer you peace of mind that your restraint system has been installed and checked for your maximum safety. We offer a mobile “on-the-spot” fitting service or on-site fitting, we are happy to discuss your requirements.

As a basic principle, work on the airbag system must only be performed by a specialist, appropriately trained professionals.

All legal and manufacturer-specific regulations must be followed. The same applies to the disposal of any deployed or old airbags. We always advise that a trained serviceman install and service the airbag system because many tasks which are not necessarily related directly to the airbag still require the airbag or seat belt tensioner to be removed.

As is the case for diagnostics and troubleshooting in other systems, the first step is to conduct a visual inspection. In the process, check all visible components of the airbag system for damage and to ensure the plug contacts are correctly connected. One common fault cause is a poor plug connection to the seat belt tensioners or side airbags in the area of the front seats.

All makes & models

An airbag module is the control house that detects the ferocity and location of an impact, and tells the relevant components of the airbag system, to start the various tasks: The seat belt components to retract, the airbags to deploy and so on…

Once a module has done its job, it has crash data stored in its memory and will not ‘go again’. Despite this, a module can be repaired and reprogrammed back to its original setting. Once fitted back in your vehicle it is like new. We are able to carry out work using our experience and trained engineers.

Seat belt tensioner

The purpose of the seat belt tensioner is to eliminate slack in the seat belt in the event of an accident. This slack can arise as a result of generously sized, loose clothing or a “relaxed” seating position. Once again, out skilled automotive specialists can undertake seat belt repair on a wide range of vehicles. Pretensioners help optimize the performance of the airbag systems. Maintaining proper occupant position reduces the amount of work the airbags must perform, and thus increases the level of protection provided by the SRS system. Keeping the occupant in the proper position minimizes injury due to the rapid inflation of the airbags. Airbag Service Ltd specialize in seat belt repair alongside fully serviced SRS replacements

  • Call us to learn about our complete line of SRS airbag replacements. Our parts inventory includes factory OEM drivers’ wheel and passenger dash airbags, side airbags, and knee bolster airbags, for practically every year, make and model.
  • You can request pricing and availability using our automated system. Our staff of airbag parts locators will respond to your request via email or phone. Our job is to help you in the rebuilding process of your vehicles SRS airbag system.

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