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We are a specialist company who deal with Supplementary Restraint Systems (SRS) for the automotive market for customers with all makes and models of cars. We distribute automotive airbag replacement parts for most if not all of the domestic car manufacturers. We also specialize in the distribution of foreign cars airbags.

Airbag Service Ltd is Europe’s largest specialist suppliers of genuine and pre-installed automotive airbags and their related components to the general motor trade as well as independent body shops and salvage dealers.

Due to our unrivalled knowledge and supply-chain network, we are able to offer substantial discounts against main dealer prices and our products can be delivered at lightning speed from our huge inventory of stock within 24 hours. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable account managers who will be happy to assist you with the supply of our first-class products.

Our extensive stock range covers all makes of cars and light commercial vehicles – Use the Find me an airbag facility from our home page to search our extensive availability of stock. Should your part not be available at the time of searching, you may automatically include yourself to our waiting list.

Passive safety systems are responsible for ensuring that passengers are protected to the greatest possible extent in the event of an accident. A wide variety of airbags are available nowadays, and they are now provided as standard in all vehicle classes. At Airbag Services Ltd we offer over 700 airbag kits and parts at very competitive prices.

Our airbags are carefully handled and critical components are checked and documented to ensure an accurate inventory of parts. Best of all, our prices are as competitive to any salvage yard cheaper than any automotive dealer. We are the only company that provides this level of quality, commitment and pricing for OEM original car airbags.

Airbags Provide Additional Protection for
People who use seat belts.

Two frontal offset crash tests at 40 mph involve passenger vans — one in which the dummy was restrained by a safety belt plus an airbag, the other in which the dummy had only a belt. Forces measured on the head of the dummy with the airbag indicate little or no risk of serious head injury. But the dummy with only the belt hit the steering wheel hub with sufficient force for a fatal head injury to be almost certain.
The Future of Airbags

The future is advanced airbags. Most new models have redesigned airbags, and future airbag technologies will reduce the risk even among people who have moved forward before airbags inflate. Sensors will detect rear-facing restraints and automatically switch off passenger bags. Inflation rates will be tailored to crash severity. More advanced airbags could recognize people’s positions just before inflating and reduce the force if someone is in a position to be harmed.

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